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High-Resolution and Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Our Additive Manufacturing team specializes in the development of new data processing, visualization, and fabrication tools for the high-throughput production of high-resolution tangible models for applications ranging from molecular and mathematical modeling, research instrumentation, pre-surgical planning and medical diagnostics, and architecture.

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Our Tangible Proteomics team specializes in the development of additively manufactured multi-material molecular models for investigating protein-protein interactions in complex environments.

Stellar nurseries (molecular cloud simulations)

Model diameter: ca. 8 cm 

Transparent brain with integrated tractography data

Model diameter: ca. 8 cm

Variable modulus mineralized heart valve

Model diameter: ca. 10 cm 

Photo-realistic sectioned human foot

Model diameter: ca. 15 cm

Laser-sintered metal butterflies

Model diameter: ca. 1 mm (each) 

Dimensionally graded micro-pillar array

Model diameter: ca. 10 cm

Flexible butterfly wing-inspired gyroid

Model diameter: ca. 8 cm 

Flexible multi-material shark skin-inspired low-drag surface

Image diameter: ca. 5 cm 

Ceramic micro-lattice

Model diameter: ca. 5 cm 

Macro-scale optically transparent glass

Model diameter: ca. 15 cm 

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Multi-material functionally graded jaw assembly

Model diameter: ca. 10 cm 

Fluid mixing simulation

Model diameter: ca. 10 cm 

Multi-phase nacre-inspired composite (Polychromatic scanning electron micrograph of fracture surface)

Image width: ca. 5 cm